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AV Heritage Builders offers a wide array of services making it possible to bring any building you imagine to life. Look at what we can offer and give us a call today to begin building your dreams!


We specialize in the sell and installation of pre-engineered steel buildings. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and the ability to provide buildings of every dimension. If you have the vision, we have the building!


Being able to provide the buildings is only the first step, we are available with a team of experts to bring you a complete turnkey building. From foundation to a complete build out, we are ready to bring your dream building to life.

General Contracting

AV Heritage Builders is able to provide service from eathwork to complete turnkey building.


AV Heritage Builders has merged with her sister company, Bell Steel, Inc. and through this merge we are able to continue to offer a wide array of custom fabrications.

Steel Building Construction

AV Heritage Builders specializes in the sale and construction of steel buildings.

Custom Engineering

AV Heritage Builders is able to provide custom engineering to ensure you are getting a truly unique and perfect building for your needs.


General Engineering Earthwork

AV Heritage Builders offers earthwork services to allow for a seamless ground up construction.

Full List of Services


We offer solar services to provide the  best level of energy efficiency for your new construction.

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Pre-Construction Consultation

We offer this service for those that have an idea but are unsure of where to even begin.

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Project Management

If you already have the plan  but need someone to facilitate the process.

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Design Build

We offer the opportunity to handle your complete project from design to build.

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Phase Planning

On occassion projects must be completed in phases, we offer our services to facilitate this with ease.

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Quality Assurance Programs

We ensure quality with each step of the construction process.

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Site Analysis

We offer detailed site analysis including topography, boundary mapping, biological review, and more.

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Assured Code Compliance

With the ever changing codes, we ensure that all projects are thoroughly reviewed to meet all requirements to current codes.

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Permit Expediting

One of the most daunting tasks in the construction of any project is obtaining permits. We offer our services to handle the entire process to move the process forward with ease.

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Value Added Engineering

We offer pre-engineered buildings to allow for a reduced cost in total engineering of the project.

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We have had the privileged to work with some very amazing people and here are just a few of the wonderful things they have to say about AV Heritage Builders.

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"During the construction of our new solar powered generating station, we had a need for multiple, application specific buildings These buildings had to be built to stringent standards, while adhering to demanding time tables and ever changing site conditions. We knew our selection process had to be thorough and choosing the right contractor was a decision we took seriously. We can now say without reservation, that choosing AV Heritage Builders was a wise decision! Thanks to the crew and management of AV Heritage Builders for a job well done."

Shannon Richardson

PE Field Project Manager @ESolar

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"Over the years I have taken great pleasure in working with AVHB team on multiple projects. I have come to trust this organization so completely that I now recommend their services to many of my existing and potential clients. In an industry that demands professionalism, diligence, and above all TRUST, I can whole hardheartedly recommend AV Heritage Builders."

John Salve

Engineer @AV Engineering

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"We needed a reliable construction partner to come along side us and carry the burdens of building design, project management, and building code compliance. AV Heritage Builders answered the call and became our most trusted ally. We are extremely grateful to the Heritage Builders team for giving us their very BEST. All Nations International trains men and women who desire to know God and to walk in His ways as living among communities, villages, and tribes. Over the years AV Heritage Builders has become one of our most trusted partners and they continue to lend their expert guidance as we fulfill our most heartfelt mission."

Gordon Skinner

All Nations International

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"The building I purchased was a unique steel arch building and only one of two companies in California had previous experience with this type of structure. After examining both companies, I placed my trust in John Bell, the founder of AV Heritage Builders. That trust turned out to be well-placed. You simply will not beat John Bell and his group for cost and quality."

Lawrence T. Reid

Plant Manager Reynolds Metals Company

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