AV Heritage Builders, Inc

Over the past 20 years we have established AV Heritage Builders as a preeminent builder within the residential, and commercial, Steel Building construction industry. We have a multitude of satisfied customers throughout the Antelope Valley and the entire Southern California area. Our broad range of services and expertise allow us to offer building packages of any size, style, or complexity. We dedicate teams of professionals to the task of bringing your dream building to full fruition.

Our Values

Our core values and beliefs are what drive our very character.

Christian Roots

AV Heritage Builders is a company with Christian roots, philosophies, priorities and partnership. As such, our faith, presides over our

  • Vision
  • Planning
  • Methodology

Old Fashioned Work Ethic

We practice old fashion work ethics and simple old fashion values. We embrace these values and actively and passionately work hard to integrate them into our belief system. Values such as:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence

Morally Governed

We are convinced that our personal and business lives must be governed by a belief system that provides the overriding guidance for our daily actions and decisions. We believe that our actions must be driven by the same and true “moral compass.”

Our Vision

All men need to earn a living, and must therefore find their way to a desirable vocation. By definition the word vocation means “passion,” and we believe that our “passion” is very clearly and providentially to be “Master Builders.” We feel we have achieved that status as a direct result of our dedication to strict business principals, and being fiercely subservient to our core values. We now envision our company growing substantially in size and favor to the point that it will continue to grow and prosper well into the future. In fact, our vision is that AV Heritage Builders will be a sustainable company that will provide for the founding fathers, their families, and future families into the 7th generation.

We feel our “passion” to become builders has still greater purpose. Yes, we are called to be builders of structures, however we feel we are also called to adopt the broader definition of the word “building.” That it is not only the “building” of structures, but the “building” of people that we must embrace. We therefore envision the company becoming a major contributor in the fight to restore hope into the lives of the needy.

Matt Bell

AV Heritage Builders, Inc.

Our Story

Our story begins with John Bell’s dream to become a welder and his wife Sue’s dedicated support. While discussing their future one evening John decided that he was done being a carpenter and wanted to become a welder.

Sue, fully supporting his decision, watched as John took a job at decreased pay in order to learn the ropes of the welding business. After putting in his due time learning, not only welding but running a business John decided it was time to go into business for himself.

1994 – Jon Received his first contractor’s license…
number and began to work mostly on gates and ornamental steel. A powerhouse couple, John and Sue, built this business with their own hands, literally. Together they would get the work done, John would weld, and Sue would clean and paint. Within a few years they had built quite name for themselves and decided it was time to become incorporated.

2000 – Bell Steel, Inc. was founded …
and only continued to grow. Moving form ornamental steel to structural to pre-engineered steel buildings, business was fruitful.

2007 – AV Heritage Builders, Inc was founded!
John and Sue decided to begin another construction business, AV Heritage Builders, Inc. AV Heritage Builders was created with the goal of handling the larger general contracting jobs and pre-engineered buildings while Bell Steel, Inc. could continue with its heritage of ornamental and structural steel. For 10 years these sister companies operated side by side, both becoming masters in there respective fields.

2017 – Company Merger!
John and Sue made the decision to merge the two companies and we are proud to operate solely as AV Heritage Builders, while still supplying the same quality work Bell Steel was know for with the additional of General Contracting and Pre-Engineered steel buildings.

2020 – Company Sold
John and Sue spent over 20 years nurturing a thriving business and made the decision to sell to their son Matt in 2020.

2021 – General Engineering License
Matt received his A License for General Engineering and began offering General Engineering Earthwork services to provide a more seamless project experience.

John Bell

Founder - John Bell

Matt Bell

Owner - Matt Bell


We have had the privileged to work with some very amazing people and here are just a few of the wonderful things they have to say about AV Heritage Builders.

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"During the construction of our new solar powered generating station, we had a need for multiple, application specific buildings These buildings had to be built to stringent standards, while adhering to demanding time tables and ever changing site conditions. We knew our selection process had to be thorough and choosing the right contractor was a decision we took seriously. We can now say without reservation, that choosing AV Heritage Builders was a wise decision! Thanks to the crew and management of AV Heritage Builders for a job well done."

Shannon Richardson

PE Field Project Manager @ESolar

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"Over the years I have taken great pleasure in working with AVHB team on multiple projects. I have come to trust this organization so completely that I now recommend their services to many of my existing and potential clients. In an industry that demands professionalism, diligence, and above all TRUST, I can whole hardheartedly recommend AV Heritage Builders."

John Salve

Engineer @AV Engineering

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"We needed a reliable construction partner to come along side us and carry the burdens of building design, project management, and building code compliance. AV Heritage Builders answered the call and became our most trusted ally. We are extremely grateful to the Heritage Builders team for giving us their very BEST. All Nations International trains men and women who desire to know God and to walk in His ways as living among communities, villages, and tribes. Over the years AV Heritage Builders has become one of our most trusted partners and they continue to lend their expert guidance as we fulfill our most heartfelt mission."

Gordon Skinner

All Nations International

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"The building I purchased was a unique steel arch building and only one of two companies in California had previous experience with this type of structure. After examining both companies, I placed my trust in John Bell, the founder of AV Heritage Builders. That trust turned out to be well-placed. You simply will not beat John Bell and his group for cost and quality."

Lawrence T. Reid

Plant Manager Reynolds Metals Company

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